Wind Farm Planning

The success of a wind farm depends on precise planning and continuous, dependable checks and inspections during turbine operations. Opportunities, risks and uncertainties should be determined as early as possible to guarantee effi­ciency.

Accordingly, at the beginning of a wind farm project or project review a number of independent assessments are required – as an important basis for successful planning.

Quality Assurance

We work independently of all manufacturers according to the current level of science and technology and in accordance with national and international guidelines and wind energy standards, e.g.  IEC 61400-1, IEC 61400-12, FGW-Richtlinie TR6.

Turbulence effects

Both environmental and wind farm turbulence can lead to increased wind turbine loads and may exceed design limits (stability proof).

Overspeed determines site-specific turbulence intensity as part of its turbulence assessment, checks whether parameter limits of the relevant guidelines have been exceeded, and optimizes wind turbine sites, making use of sector management as well, where necessary.


For over 30 years, Overspeed has issued expert assessments in the following areas:

  • Wind speed assessments
  • Energy yield predictions
  • Profit predictions
  • Comparative Analysis of Energy assessments
  • Determination of plausibility of energy yield assessments
  • Turbulence assessment for turbine stability proof
  • Wake impact on overhead powerlines (flyer)
  • Shadow casting (information on our shade shutoff system Shadeoff)
  • Noise emissions
  • Loss calculations  due to
    • sectorial restictions in operations (turbulence, stability)
    • operation restrictions due to  noise emissions
    • wind turbine shut-down due to rotor shadow casting
    • wind turbine shut-down  for animal protection
    • Planning and operation of wind measurement campaigns


Flyer Wind Energy Assessments

Flyer Overhead Power Line Assessments