Overspeed is a wordwide operating service and consulting company with focus on wind power and the energy business area. Overspeed was founded in 2001 as GmbH & Co. KG. The ancestor of Overspeed GmbH & Co. KG was Overspeed GbR which was founded in 1989. The managing directors Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl ​​and Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Pahlke have proven expertise with over 30 years of wind and solar experience.

Overspeed’s services and products span the entire wind and solar energy sector from wind energy consulting to wind and solar power predictions – from the development of software for offshore windfarm planning and wind farm management to energy storage systems and professional training.

The further development of energy supply with wind energy and other renewable energies is a main working topic of Overspeed. We develop and run the operational platform Anemos for wind and solar power prediction as well as the offshore windfarm software Wind & Economy for wind farm optimization and risk minimization. The use of hydrogen for the storage of renewable energies is also one of our topics.

As consultant Overspeed works in the areas of project review and risk assessment, wind potential analysis, wind farm layout and management of approval procedures. In focus are mainly projects at “difficult“ sites e.g. outside Europe and Offshore. In particular Overspeed was main consultant for the project “Sandbank”, one of the biggest offshore wind farms in the world.

Overspeed emphasises the application and the development of new techniques and methods. For this reason Overspeed is or was involved in several R&D projects in the areas of remote surveillance, power prediction, offshore maintenance optimization, offshore windfarm optimisation and wind-hydrogen-balancing power (Anemos, Anemos.plus, Safewind, EERA-DTOC, HyWindBalance, Plasmafuel) and cultivates close cooperation with the University of Oldenburg including ForWind.

Project Due Diligences and support as well as the critical assessment of the economically relevant facts are focal points of our consulting. Innovative wind and solar power prediction systems, such as the Anemos system, which we co-developed and marketed, are indispensable for the professional operation of electrical grids. Research and development in the field of energy storage systems, such as HyWindBalance, and customized training complete our offer.