During the "Power-to-fuel" project "PlasmaFuel", a method to produce CO2-neutral and extremely pure fuel for shipping applications is developed. The synthetic fuel is produced from CO2 sources like exhausts from the cement industry, and uses renewable electric excess energy from wind and solar power plants in order to produce hydrogen and generate the final fuel product on base of a so-called Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

For splitting the input CO2 into CO for further processing, a plasma reactor with a high energy efficiency is used. The resulting shipping fuel is completely CO2-neutral and produces no particulate matter when used as shipping Diesel. As a result, the project reduces the waste of renewable excess energy and reduces the emission of CO2 and harmful exhausts from ships and other vehicles.

In this project, overspeed is responsible for the optimising control system, hydrogen and fuel storage management, and the interaction with the energy market.