On the basis of our experience with HyWindBalance and our longstanding work in the area of wind energy and the energy economy, we offer wide ranging services for storage systems:

  • Conception and design of storage systems of any size.
  • Simulation of storage systems
  • Optimal operational Management taking both wind and solar power forecasts into account
  • Energy Management of hydrogen and markets
  • Coordinating the usage of the stored hydrogen (transport, Power-to-Gas, admixing natural gas, technical usage)
  • Conception and management of the respective research and development Projects
  • Business plans for projects and commercial Systems
  • Feasibility studies for storage systems.


Together with our partner PLANET, we offer:

  • Approval Procedures for hydrogen storage systems
  • Supervision of detailed engineering
  • Supervision during the realization of storage systems

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Flyer Design of Hydrogen energy storage systems

Brochure HyWindBalance