05. December 2019

Intersolar prize 2019 presented to GIZ and Overspeed

The “Intersolar prize for excellent capacity building in India” has been awarded to Overspeed’s customer GIZ, the German agency for international corporation, at the Intersolar India 2019 (from right to left: Dr. Waldl, Overspeed, Mr. Gäbler, GIZ, and employees of NIWE and SGS weather).


For  GIZ, Overspeed’s managing director is leading two capacity building projects in India, a forecasting project which is dedicated to the development of an indigenous solar power forecast system for India by a R&D team at NIWE, the Indian National institute for wind energy. Dr. Waldl and the Overspeed  are responsible for the capacity building, the development work and its implementation in close cooperation with the German partners Oldenburg University and Suntrace, and the meteorology specialists SGS Weather in India.


The second GIZ project with Dr. Waldl as lead expert is called “REMC training” and is dedicated to the training of the operators and managers of the future Renewable Energy Management Centers in India, a special kind of grid operation control room dedicated to the integration of Renewable energies into the grid. Hosting institutions are Fraunhofer IEE in Germany and NPTI and POSOCO in India.




Solar Power Forecasts

05. December 2019

Intersolar 2019 - Great interest in Overspeed predictions products

At the Intersolar India 2019 which took place in Bangalore, Overspeed in cooperation with the Indian hi-tech company SGS Weather now presented its Wind and Solar Energy Forecasting Products which are optimized to the Indian weather and climate conditions. The interest was great, both among Indian customers and customers worldwide. 


At the stand of Overspeed’s partner SGS Weather India as well as in a presentation “Solar Forecasting for PV Power Plant” Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl, managing director of Overspeed, and Vipin Gandhi from SGS Weather informed about the taylor-made wind and solar forecast solutions tackling the specific challenges in India.


Wind and Solar Power Forecasts

21. November 2019

Overspeed at the Intersolar India – November 27-29, 2019

Overspeed as exhibitor in cooperation with the Indian hi-tech company SGS Weather, will present our Wind and Solar Energy Forecasting Products at Intersolar India, India’s most pioneering exhibition and conference for the solar industry.


Based on more than 4 years of experience working in India, our wind and solar forecasting products are optimized for the challenging Indian conditions like high amount of aerosols, strong influence of solar irradiation on wind power and soiling of PV panels.


Intersolar India 2019 takes place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre and has a focus on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production and solar thermal technologies.


We gladly invite you to visit us!

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Inter Solar India 2019

25. October 2019

Final workshop of Indian solar prediction project

For almost three years now, German and Indian specialists have been working on the solar power forecast project NIWE. On the 4th and 5th of November the final workshop will take place in Bangalore, India with more than 100 participants from all Indian stake holders. The event will be led and moderated by Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl, Managing Director of Overspeed.


The NIWE project is dedicated to the development of an indigenous solar power forecasting system for India by a R&D team at NIWE, the Indian National Institute for Wind Energy. The complete activity is funded by the German agency for international cooperation, giz.


The capacity building and development work is led by Overspeed and its managing director, Dr. Hans-Peter Waldl, and is implemented in close cooperation with the German partners Oldenburg University and Suntrace, and the meteorology specialists SGS in India.


Naturally, one focus of the project work are Indian-specific issues, like using and bench-marking local Indian weather forecasts, managing the high amounts of aerosols in the atmosphere, and dealing with soiling of PV panels. In addition, a very short term prediction has been developed, based on the Indian weather satellite INSAT-3D.


Activities like extreme short-term predictions with sky imaging cameras are under investigation in cooperation with Oldenburg University and German DLR, and are pointing at future research topics.


More information about the NIWE project

21. October 2019
Quelle: http://windintegrationworkshop.org/

18th Wind Integration Workshop in Dublin

293 participants joint the 18th Wind Integration Workshop which took place in Dublin, Ireland from 16th to the 18th of October 2019.


The general purpose of the workshop is to get researchers, economists and practicing engineers from different fields relating to wind power and transmission systems to exchange their knowledge and discuss their experience in the area of large-scale integration of wind power into power systems and transmission networks for offshore wind farms. The emphasis of this workshop is on both theoretical discussion and practical applications.


Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl, Managing Director of Overspeed, was invited to the workshop to lead a session on Wind Power Forecasts and go give a presentation about the Anemos platform.


18th Wind Integration Workshop Dublin

27. September 2019

Plasmafuel: Project meeting in Stuttgart

During the “Power-to-fuel” project "PlasmaFuel", a method to produce CO2-neutral and extremely pure fuel for shipping applications is developed. The synthetic fuel is produced from CO2 sources like exhausts from the cement industry, and uses renewable electric excess energy from wind and solar power plants in order to produce hydrogen and generate the final fuel product on base of a so-called Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. For splitting the input CO2 into CO for further processing, a plasma reactor with a high energy efficiency is used.


In this project, Overspeed is responsible for the optimising control system, hydrogen and fuel storage management, and the interaction with the energy market.


On the latest project meeting in Stuttgart, Germany, The Managing Directors of Overspeed, Thomas Pahlke and Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl, together with its project partners from University Bayreuth, University Stuttgart and MCT Transformatoren GmbH discussed the modelling of the chemical and electrical properties of the system and the optimization of the whole process.


More information about Plasmafuel

29. August 2016

Curious about "Wind & Economy"?

Following the Hannover Messe we will, of course, also be at the world-wide leading trade fair for wind energy, WindEnergy Hamburg. Here, we will present our new software tool for the design and optimisation of offshore wind farms: Wind & Economy. Leading prediction models for wind climate and wind farm effects, together with a calculation of the uncertainties of wind energy production and the LCOE, help you to reduce the costs and risks of energy production.

Get to know Wind & Economy directly at our booth.

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For further information have a look at www.wind-and-economy.com or at our leaflet.

24. May 2016

Worldwide customer interest and high-ranking politicians at the Hannover Messe

First Paris and Copenhagen, now at the Hannover Messe: Overspeed has introduced its new software product for optimizing offshore wind farms. The goal of the software is to reduce electricity production costs from offshore wind farms and to increase the effectiveness of the planning teams. In addition, the cost and energy output uncertainty is calculated for each wind farm variant in order to reduce the risks to later investors.

According to Overspeed, interest in wind farm planning support was shown by potential customers from all continents, in particular from China, Argentina, Tansania, South Africa and Germany. "We are quite satisfied with customer resonance", states the Managing Director of Overspeed, Dr. Hans-Peter Waldl, "particularly due to the fact that the Hannover Messe is not a specialized wind energy fair."

Wind & Economy was developed as prototype as part of the European research project EERA-DTOC. In order to achieve market-readiness and have it commercially on offer by the end of the year, Overspeed is currently looking for an external investor.  

Customers were not the only ones interested in the new software, high-ranking gov-ernment officials from Lower Saxony and Bremen also visited the Overspeed stand. These included Joachim Lohse, the Bremen Senator for the Environment, along with Environmental Ministor Stefan Wenzel and Economic Minister Olaf Lies (pictured), who received presentations of the Wind & Economy software. In the forefront of the discussions was the reduction of electricity costs from future offshore wind farms. Wind & Economy also uses the expected price per kilowatt hour to optimize farms.

Wind & Economy

26. November 2015

Great Interest in “Wind & Economy” at EWEA 2015 in Paris

At the EWEA 2015 in Paris, Dr. Hans-Peter Waldl, Managing Director of Overspeed, introduced the new product “Wind & Economy” to onshore participants as part of a workshop. The software for optimised planning of large wind farms on sea and land, developed within the framework of the EU project “EERA-DTOC”, was met with interest by companies from Norway, the USA, and Germany. “In the USA, wind farms on land are larger than offshore wind farms in Germany. Our program equips developers with the tools to optimise the placement of rotors to achieve maximum yield”, explains Waldl.

Despite the fact that around a third of the enrolled participants cancelled their visit to the fair due to the security situation as a result of the terror attacks–including the “big guys”: Enercon and SKF – the fair was, from the perspective of the specialized topics covered, highly interesting according to Waldl. 100 expert speakers, 350 exhibitors and 6.500 visitors took part.

Wind & Economy

11. November 2015

Overspeed pleased with “Sandbank” construction progress

The construction of the offshore wind farm “Sankbank”, 90km west of the Isle of Sylt, has now entered the phase of laying inner-farm cabling. This is an especially interesting milestone for Overspeed, as Overspeed was involved in planning phases since 2001 and was a main wind farm consultant for inner-farm cable layout for several years.  Moreover, Overspeed was also responsible managing permit application procedures, grid connection planning, detailed wind potential and yield studies as well as aspects of foundation design.

At the time the project “Sandbank 24” belonged to Project GmbH, which it sold to Vattenfall in 2011. In total 72 Siemens wind turbines of class 4 megawatts (MW) are to be erected with a total installed capacity of 288MW. Sandbank is to go online in 2017.