According to requirements of the authorities, specific shading hours of wind turbines at residential buildings should not be exceeded, ensured by a shade shut-off system.

Our shade shut-off system Shadeoff is based on optimised switching algorithms to minimise energy losses as far as possible. Situations of shading from several turbines are taken into account as well as the current measured power to optimise switch-off times.

The shade shutoff system consists of a control computer with WEB-server function and a software interface or a hardware module to switch-off the turbines, a solar radiation sensor which usually is mounted on top of the turbine nacelle and the according control-ling software.

The advantages of Shadeoff at a glance:

  • Optimised and efficient switch-off algorithms
  • Shutoff at times of low wind speed
  • Concise switch-off tables
  • User-Interface HTML
  • Universal turbine controlling and data acquisition interface
  • Optimisation dependent on turbine power
  • Integration in scada system
  • Direction independent solar sensor
  • Development born out of  operation management


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