Capacity building for the Indian „Energiewende“

India has very ambitious plans to increase their use of Renewable Energies in the electrical energy sector. The target is a share of wind and solar power of 40 % in 2030.

In the project “REMC trainings” funded by the German Agency for international cooperation, giz, a training course for operators and managers working in the field of grid and power plant operation is developed and executed in three places all over India. Main target group is the control room personnel working in the REMC facilities, the Renewable Energy Managing  Centers, which are dedicated to the integration of the fluctuating renewable resources with the existing portfolio of power plants and transmission capacity.

The course is organized by FhG IEE in Kassel and led by the managing director of Overspeed, Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl. In this program, the know-how from Fraunhofer IEE, Overspeed, energynautics and Oldenburg University is bundled in order to obtain course material which reflects the newest developments and experiences in the field of the interaction of wind and solar energy with the energy system.