The NIWE project is dedicated to the development of indigenous solar power forecast models for India by a R&D team at NIWE, the Indian National institute for wind energy. The complete activity is funded by the German agency for international cooperation, giz.

The capacity building and development work is led by Overspeed and its managing director, Dr. Hans-Peter Waldl, and is implemented in close cooperation with the German partners Oldenburg University and Suntrace, and the meteorology specialists SGS in India.

Naturally, one focus of the project work are Indian-specific issues, like using and bench-marking local Indian weather forecasts, managing the high amounts of aerosols in the atmosphere, and dealing with soiling of PV panels. In addition, a very short term prediction has been developed, based on the Indian weather satellite INSAT-3D.

Activities like extreme short-term predictions with sky imaging cameras are under investigation in cooperation with Oldenburg University and German DLR, and are pointing at future research topics.


  Solar Energy Forecasting