Storage of Renewable Energies

On the basis of our experience with HyWindBalance and our longstanding work in the area of wind energy and the energy economy, we offer wide ranging services for storage systems:

  • Conception and design of storage systems of any size.
  • Simulation of storage systems
  • Optimal operational Management taking both wind and solar power forecasts into account
  • Energy Management of hydrogen and markets
  • Coordinating the usage of the stored hydrogen (transport, Power-to-Gas, admixing natural gas, technical usage)
  • Conception and management of the respective research and development Projects
  • Business plans for projects and commercial Systems
  • Feasibility studies for storage systems.

Together with our partner PLANET, we offer:

  • Approval Procedures for hydrogen storage systems
  • Supervision of detailed engineering
  • Supervision during the realization of storage systems

Detailed information on our leaflet:

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